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Summer Trips

We had a fabulous tour of Angels Costumiers Hendon in June, thanks to Fiona and David Lewis who arranged the whole thing including taxis there and back. Angels was set up 175 years ago, have won 35 Best Costume Awards at the Oscars as well as various BAFTAs. There is over 8 miles of rails of costumes.

The tour was linked to our 1940s theme and we were able to see, and feel, uniforms and badges from the era. We were shown a dress that was made in the 1940s using clothing coupons – they got extra rations as it was seen as important to moral.

We had a very knowledgeable tour by Mark, who is dyslexic, and he developed a great relationship with the children. The children loved the experience and got so much from it. I was amazed just how inspired they all were and they talked about it non-stop afterwards.

I think the high points were the fur fridge and seeing just how many films they had provided costumes for. My favourite was seeing just how many signed photographs of film stars they had.

A few weeks later we went to see Matlida the Musical – paid for by Fiona and Daniel Carpenter. It was the most amazing show. I had no idea just how far boys ears stretch and shall be looking out for newts! Hermione laughed the loughest which was wonderful given it is her last year with us – what a wonderful way to remember her.

What a wonderful summer! What wonderful parents we have!! So lucky.

Angels costumiers

Angels Costumiers

WW2 Costumes

WW2 Costumes

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Matilda the Musical

Matilda the Musical