Limespring School

The Limespring Board

The school board meets termly. The purpose of the board is to hold the school to account for the quality of the educational and therapeutic provision in achieving the vision for the school. That is:

  • The creation of a school experience that every child enjoys;
  • Children feeling confident to engage with their learning;
  • Children demonstrate their own achievements and emerge, feeling a pride in their success.

The board members are entirely independent of the school ownership and executive. The board currently comprises of:

Dr Valerie Muter – consultant paediatric neuropsychologist

Dr Kevin Smith – PATOSS trainer and Specialist teacher

Ms Fiona Hepburn – Lay Representative

Each term the board receives a report from the Principal of Limespring School setting out the methods deployed in the school, including a summary of the curriculum taught in the term; the main achievements and challenges; progress made by children (at an aggregated and anonymised level); and the plans for learning and support for the subsequent term.

The school board also acts as the final stage in the school’s complaints’ process.