Limespring School


Establishing a positive relationship with parents is integral to the values within Limespring School. As parents of children with learning differences you may have sometimes experienced strained relationships with the school often borne out of frustration on your, and the school’s, part. Our approach is to place the relationship with the parent as central to the child’s experience at the school.

The class teacher and the Director of Learning will always be available to meet with you both informally and formally. In any event, and as one of the benefits of a small school, all parents will be invited to meet with the Head or Director of Learning on a regular basis to discuss your child’s progress. The outcomes of the meeting will be recorded in the child’s Limespring Plan of Learning.

A parent’s evening or open day will be held each term providing parents with the opportunity to meet the whole school team and to see the importance with which your child is held to those working in the school.

An end of term assembly will also be held towards the end of each school term, which parents and other relatives will be strongly encouraged to attend. The overarching theme of each assembly will be to build the self-esteem and boost the confidence of every child showcasing their achievements and development over the term. Each child will have a starring role at each assembly.

The school has a uniform policy and items with the exception of trousers and skirts will only be available from the school. The uniform consists of:

Boys: Black trousers; Grey jumper; purple polo shirt. For games jogging bottoms, white polo shirt; sweatshirt.

Girls: Black skirt; Grey jumper; purple polo shirt. For games jogging bottoms, white polo shirt; sweatshirt.

A healthy diet is essential for learning. At Limespring School all lunches and snacks are provided. A cooked lunch is prepared on-site by a chef using only organic products for meals that meet all dietary and religious requirements, served in the school dining room. Breakfast, fruit and a range of other snacks will be provided throughout the day.

As the school grows this area of the website will contain a secure area with access via a pass code, serving as an enhanced virtual learning environment now common in many schools, but also specific to your child – for example detail of homework assignments so that parents are not frustrated in understanding what it is their child has been asked to do. It will also enable transactions to be made on-line such as fee and other payments.